Smita Bansal is at present seen as Rukhsar in Sony Sab’s Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga

You have been in the industry for more than 20 years now. What are the changes you have seen over the years?

I believe the status of the television industry is much better now. When I joined the industry, there were no vanity vans or separate make-up rooms for artistes. Whereas now, actors get their own space and importance is also given to the personal life of an actor. Additionally, there is an increase in the work force for each show.

The fantasy show has successfully completed two years. How is the experience?

It is overwhelming. When it started, we knew it would go on for a long time considering the beautiful concept of the show.

Your character in the show has evolved a lot— a mother, an evil Genie and now a teacher. What do you have to say on these transitions?

Ammi has gone through a lot of changes but the underlying emotion of her character has always been kept alive. The love for Ammi among the viewers cannot go down even while she is evil or the most vulnerable. This is something we try to ensure for all the characters in the show. Hence, it has been a challenging but a very satisfactory journey.

What can we look forward to in the new season?

The new season of Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga is extremely interesting. There is more humour in the storyline. So, the thrill, emotion, seriousness are all combined with a hint of humour. It is a complete package—entertainment at its best.

Have you been doing any special preparations for the role of a teacher?

I am more of a switch on-switch off actor and I have not been doing any preparation as such. However, when I was told about this change in my character, I could instantly relate to it because I have studied in a convent school where teachers were as strict as Rukhsar is.

How is the atmosphere on the sets, especially with so many new members?

The entire team of Aladdin is extremely welcoming and we do not let anyone feel like they are new. Everyone is friendly and always there to help each other.

How are the safety procedures at the sets? Are there any challenges?

With the on-going situation, shooting experience has completely changed. There are a few challenges especially with make-up and other things required on the sets. However the production house is undertaking top-notch measures to ensure our safety.

Do your daughters watch the show? What do they think?

My daughters have been religiously watching Season 3. The younger one feels that I am very strict with the students and asks why I am always angry.

Any message for your fans and viewers?

We are putting our 100 per cent and hope to keep you entertained.

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