Singer Neeti Mohan talks about her inspiration, musical journey and the newest monitor Hum

From Ishq Wala Love to Jiya Re, Nainowale Ne and Nachi Nachi, to name a few, Neeti Mohan has made the audience fall in love with her voice. She has recently collaborated with National Award winner Arun Shankar for a single titled, Hum. In a quick chat, she talks about the song, her music, her inspiration in the industry and more

How is Hum different from the previous songs that you sang?

It is my first collaboration with Arun Shankar and Grammy-winner Ricky Kej. The song talks of bringing about a change in the mind-sets of the people and reflects upon how the last year 2020 has gone by.

What connected you to the song?

The lyrics, the meaning, and the intentions are so pure. I feel there are very few songs like this and we don’t get to do such songs in films.

Can you talk about your association with Arun Shankar?

I didn’t know that he could rap so well, I just knew that he is a film director, writer, actor, and a singer, but when I heard him rap I was pretty impressed because he has got some cool words in this song. I think he is extremely talented and he follows his heart. and I admire his talent.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

More than creating music, I am creating songs and I feel that I have an opportunity and gift to be able to sing in different languages, produce different tones, sing a happy song, sad song and jazz etc. I feel through my voice I can create different sounds and enjoy my music.

How do you feel the internet has impacted the music business?

It has changed the entire scenario. Because of streaming, and digital impact, now music is available on every platform and to everyone, everywhere, across the globe.

What will be the new trends in the music industry this year?

I think it will continue with a lot of music by independent artistes.

Who is your inspiration in terms of music?

My first inspiration would be Lata ji because I have been listening to her since childhood and I still listen to her and I feel there is no one like her in terms of technicalities and skills. AR Rahman sir also inspires me.

How would you rate yourself as a singer?

I would call myself versatile because I am able to switch from one genre to the other quickly. I have always enjoyed different genres of singing, be it bhajans or jazz or a dance number.

With so many remakes being made, do you think we are losing out on originality?

I feel that nothing compares to original music. Remakes were made even earlier. If there is a brief in a film for a remake, we do that.

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