Singer-actor Gippy Grewal says he isn’t fazed by comparisons and is on good phrases with everybody


When singer-actor Gippy Grewal promised the pre-release of his hyped song, Ask Them, from his new album, The Main Man, only if the premiere video hit half-a-million comments, he didn’t know he had placed a lesser bid. The song, in fact, garnered many more and the album is a hit too!

Gippy’s focus with time may have shifted to films and his own production company, but not for a moment did he drift apart from music. He says, “I had a few singles in mind. I was sitting with Amrit Maan discussing Ayen Kiven and he insisted on taking the album route, reminding me of the initial days when an album used to be a huge thing. The singles trend was just the result of the busy schedule of the artistes, which obviously took a hit because of the pandemic.”

Deciding on the name for the album was yet another story, he adds, “The first title that we wanted had already been in use for another album. There was a song Godfather, which seemed to be a nice title, but then we dropped the song from the album. Amrit suggested, The Main Man and it clicked immediately.” Launching an album after years, the pressure was immense, “But then, isn’t it always there? You always want to improve yourself and the audience expects the same.”

Cause of farmers

On the recent farmer bill uproar, Gippy has a message for the youth of Punjab, “I believe everyone in the film and music fraternity felt the pain of farmers in Punjab. Many of us who are in Punjab at present took part in the rallies. We all need to raise our voices, so that it reaches New Delhi. As an artiste, we can talk and post about it because our reach is wider than a common man.” The actor has also shared a video post of a song on his social media with a caption, “Kisan Majdoor Ekta Zindabad.”

Of comparisons & more

Addressing the comparison issue, he says, “It is bound to happen. For instance, Diljit’s album came out earlier and now that mine is out, there will be listeners who will compare us both. What needs to be understood is that the listener’s problem of making comparisons are sold as our problems with each other, which is not the case. And when a rumour is played multiple times, it becomes the truth. We should focus less on the negatives. I have good relations with everyone in the industry.”

Sequels in store

During free time in these past months, he has written another Hindi web series as his last digital venture, Warning, was a big success. As for his sequels, this year it’s going to be Manje Bistre 3 and next year he will work on Carry on Jatta 3 as well as Ardaas 3. Currently in London, he is excited to start shooting for his next, Paani Ch Madhani.

Family front

Gippy welcomed the third son into his family last year in December. He says, “In fact, Gurbaaz (youngest) is the one who is getting pampered the most in the house. Even Ekom and Shinda did not get that much love from us. And due to the lockdown, I got to spend more time with my family. It led Gurbaaz to say ‘papa’ as his first words instead of mother, which was a memorable moment for me.”

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