Shreyas Pardiwalla on being part of Hindmata

Shreyas Pardiwalla, who’s best known for his roles in films like Yaariyan and Sweetie Weds NRI, was recently roped in for the web series, Hindmata which will soon release on Eros Now. The actor opens up about what drove him to be a part of the web series like Hindmata, which is a women-oriented series. It has already created a buzz for its unique plot.

Further talking about his role, the actor says, “ The name of my character is Sufiyan. He is a person with shades of grey. He is a loud, flamboyant, over-the-top kind of a guy. He is the protagonist’s mentor. He’s very big in the fashion world, very influential, but also very negative. On the pretext of trying to help the protagonist, he takes advantage of her talent.” Shreyas is extremely happy to be a part of this web show that aims to empower women.

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