Should look ahead to setting’s sake…

To celebrate World Environment Day, Discovery Channel has lined-up special shows which are a must watch for the sake of our nature. Two such shows are – The Story of Plastics and Great Global Clean-up.

The Story of Plastics is a captivating documentary which majorly focuses on the timeline of the plastic pollution crisis. Exposing the ugly truth behind plastic pollution and the false solution of plastic recycling, the documentary highlights the excessive environmental damage that it causes along with the human rights abuse that occurs throughout its production. This life-changing documentary shines light upon one of the most pressing environmental issues.

Great Global Clean-up on the other hand, focuses on people around the world who gathered to take part in clean-ups in parks and beaches at an event called the Great Global Clean-up. It features Zac Efron and Zach King with some local superstars and people from all over the world who lend a helping hand and clean as much waste as possible with an aim to collect a hundred billion pieces of trash. With innovations in recycling and next-level waste management, these superstars are making a global impact. 

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