She has the ability

Gurnaaz Kaur

Women should be celebrated every day. They are all about grace, strength, intelligence and kindness. In honour of this day dedicated to women, these celebrities share some inspiring words and thoughts for their fellow beings. So, whether it is about taking chances, uplifting each other or coming together, women must support women.

Amrita Puri, Adah Sharma and Nimrat Kaur

Dream amp; decide

Setting an example for the young women out there who are thinking about their careers, Nimrat Kaur suggests you must dream and decide. “Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or should not do. Think of what you were born to do and let nothing, not even your own fears or inhibitions curtail your desire.” Being fearless about your choices is a sign of courage. Aahana Kumra says, “Women often get pulled down for their choices on how they want to live their lives.” But the actress is happy things are changing. “It is a delight to see young women being bold about their career choices. So many of them are getting into the armed forces. I feel inspired by them.”

Financial independence is crucial and being aware about what you want to do with your life makes you even more beautiful. As Sophie Choudry puts it, “I know having a family is incredibly important but I think in today’s day and age, where relationships have become harder to maintain, it is really important for women to be secure. Love and relationships are just a part of your life. What you put out there, how you contribute is your real legacy.”

Support matters

Having lived in an environment where women support each other, Nimrat Kaur shares, “I feel there is nothing bigger and better than women being able to create an identity based on the support and confidence they draw from the women around them. The loudest voices in my head in my lowest moments have been that of the women in my life —my friends, sisters or my mother and grandmother.”

Aahana believes support and inspiration from the peers should begin at a much younger age. For Sophie, her grandmother and mother are the epitome of strength, balancing work and family beautifully. “I’ve always seen women building up women but I know it is really difficult, especially when we live in such a competitive world. Strong women build women. You become role models and inspire other women to follow their dreams. It makes all the difference.”

To Adah Sharma, being there for other women means the world to her. “It is important to celebrate the success of our peers. Their success is our success.” This support also lends the courage to speak out and campaigns like #metoo, Adah says, are a great example. “Support is essential to keep the conversation alive, to give courage to stand against any inequality or abuse.”

Time for change

As much as they stand by each other, their industry poses its own set of challenges for these women. For instance, it isn’t that often we see a woman leading the story. “There is need for stories that are led by women. We have already come a very long way. I had one such opportunity in The Test Case. It was a story about a girl in an extraordinary situation. Such stories shouldn’t be a surprise, instead become the norm.”

To be heard is very challenging, feels Aahana. “Times are changing. But there is still disparity in terms of pay. We need more women-centric bold characters who are the heroes of the films.”

Amrita too thinks it is a male-dominated industry and so are the narratives. “Our industry is representative of the disparity that exists in our society. Our nation is entrenched in patriarchal notions. It’s the mindset and way of the country that we need to change.”

Be it pay, making your own space or creating your identity, being a woman in this industry is not easy. “As a woman, you have to work doubly hard to prove your worth. That’s not fair but that’s what it is,” tells Sophie.

Maintaining those looks can be a daunting task too and Adah says, “I’m sure everyone’s challenges are different. My biggest challenge was keeping my eyebrows perfectly plucked and arched. So, I decided to grow them out like all my male co-stars. I’m debating the moustache now.”

Whatever be the trouble, women should remember how special and gifted they are, today and always!

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