Shahraan Singh turns director and producer with Punjabi film Aape Pein Siyaape which is about to launch on February 26The comedian facet


After a long haul, Punjabi movies mark its re-entry into theatres with the movie Aape Pein Siyaape this Friday. Starring television actor Shahraan Singh, who has previously worked in movie, Padmaavat, Aape Pein Siyaape will mark his debut in direction and production. He says, “It is a myth that a Punjabi film works only when backed by star power. To break that assumption, I have consciously taken on board theatre actors rather than well-known faces.”

Apart from Shahraan, the movie has Aditi Arya Sharma, Sabby Suri, Amandeep, Surinder Bath and Rajesh Sharma playing significant roles. Shahraan says, “I always wanted to get back to comedy. The audience has seen me in serious roles but when I started out, it was a project with comedian Jaspal Bhatti. I believe the comedian in me was dying to come out which is why when a channel decided to sleep over this script of mine, I took the hint and went with it anyway.”

He feels the audience will find this movie, made by Shahraan Singh Productions in association with Vikas Kansal Productions, relatable. “Also, I got to spend a lot of time in my hometown, Patiala, as the movie was shot there. It reminded me of my school and college days. The cast also is from Punjabi University and some of the actors are from the successful Punjabi web series, Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree. Not only that, I reconnected with the actors who I have worked with in the past. Surinder Bath played my father-in-law 12 years back in a project and coincidently he plays the same role in this one too.”

And was it tough choosing the character he wanted to play from the three male leads since he had written the script? “I am happy to play Bunny Singh Dhillon’s role which was written keeping actor Binnu Dhillon in mind. Had he been in the movie, I would have played Lakhwinder in the movie.”

While the lead actress Sabby Suri was absent for she met with an accident and couldn’t be present at the promos, but she wouldn’t miss the premiere on February 26 for her life. A lawyer and an actress, Aditi Arya is playing Lakhwinder’s love interest in the film. He says, “I am so excited about a Punjabi film release after so long. The shooting experience has been commendable and I enjoyed working with my co-stars.” About Punjabi cinema, Shahraan feels, “Singers should definitely be given a chance to act, but an actor is an actor first, and would do a better job at it. I believe Jimmy Shergill and Binnu Dhillon are doing great but they too had to struggle a lot to find their space.”

Sid Kalyan, executive producer, calls the last year a humbling experience. He adds, “Shahraan and I are good friends. We were in touch through calls for all these years. He was here in Patiala for a project and when I heard the script of Aape Pein Siyaape, I was immediately on board.

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