Shagun Sharma shares skin-care suggestions

The heat and humidity affect our skin and give us sunburns, rashes, flare up of active acne, and more. This is why we need a proper skincare routine. On this very note, actress Shagun Sharma, who essays the role of Sonu Malhotra in Ishk Par Zor Nahi, shares a few tricks and hacks to maintain a flawless glowing skin even in the sweltering summer.

Shagun says, “For the summer, sunscreen is my Holy Grail. Also, I believe that you are what you eat, so consuming a clean diet, sufficient hydration, and having at least two servings of seasonal fruits a day do the trick for me! I avoid using a lot of products on my skin and keep it to the bare minimum. A good SPF 50 sunscreen, moisturiser, a dewy lip balm and voila—I am done! I am also big time into making homemade facemasks. Lemon and tomatoes are very good for the skin.”

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