Self-love is vital, says celeb discuss present host Anjali Phougat

Tell us about yourself…

I hold double masters in IT and computer science and I design outfits for various beauty pageants and celebrities. Along with this, I host talk shows, including Designer Dream Collection and Just a Conversation.

When did you start the show Designer Dream Collection?

I started this talk show in 2020 and so far, I have interviewed celebrities like Shilpa Shirodkar, Bollywood drape artiste Dolly Jain, Deepika Amin and more from the world of fashion.

What are the essentials of a celebrity talk show host?

Well, to begin with, you must be a really good questioner and listener to bring out the best in others. One important quality a good talk show host must have is to know when to stop talking. Some talk show hosts are great talkers who can keep the audience engaged with the topic on hand that they fail to give enough time for the guest to speak.

Which celebrity do you wish to interview?

Sonu Sood as he is the best! He is very inspiring as a personality and he is a fine actor too. His journey is a success story.

Now that you have shifted to Ohio (US), what are you up to?

I started designing runway outfits as a hobby, which resulted in setting up a small boutique. With my boutique’s success, I came to the US to pursue my passion. I started working in the IT Industry and side by side worked on my design line and launched a custom-made clothing e-commerce website.

Much like any other sector, the fashion industry has also been hit by Covid. What do you have to say about that?

I have been extremely busy working on multiple small wedding projects but due to Covid we are taking the necessary measures and there is a shortage of staff and supplies because of the pandemic. Shipping is also slowed down which is another barrier in work.

Do you miss India?

There is not a single day in my life when I don’t talk or think about India. I am praying every day and every moment for the safety of people of my country during these unprecedented times.

Who is your favourite Bollywood designer?

To be honest, I love my work the best and I strongly feel self-love and appreciation is important. I am deeply engrossed in my work and do not find time to follow Bollywood designers. 

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