Secure & sound

Actress Pooja Banerjee shares some suggestions for fans to follow, as we stay indoors during these testing times. Pooja says,”I feel people should take utmost care of themselves at the moment. We should stay indoors and try to build our immunity during this time, while also bonding with our family and friends. I have also taken this time to bond with my co-stars and read a couple of novels too. I am ensuring that I take all the precautions, including inhaling steam, wearing a mask whenever I am not shooting, and drinking hot water throughout the day.”

She adds, “I am also taking Zinc and Vitamin C tablets for building better immunity, while also indulging in healthy food items only. I feel everyone should follow this. Also, wearmasks when around people. Right now, it is a critical time and we should think about the long term, rather than the short term. I really hope the pandemic ends soon and we can move around and interact with everyone freely.”

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