Sayantani Ghosh provides a sneak peek into her each day health routine

Having a fitness regime is extremely essential as it helps us stay physically and mentally active. It brings a sense of control during these days of uncertainty and helps us stay calm and focused. Sayantani Ghosh, who is seen in Tera Yaar Hoon Main, reveals her fitness secret and gives a sneak- peek into her daily fitness routine.

Sayantani says, “As gyms aren’t operational and I am busy shooting outdoors, I keep myself fit by going for runs or walks and most importantly, I eat healthy. According to me, eating a nutritious home-cooked meal is a simpler way to keep healthy. I include a little weight training and cardio as a part of my daily exercise and as I love dancing, some days I sweat it out through Zumba as well. I believe during these testing times, one should stay fit in whichever way one can—either by walking inside the house or by doing physical activities and simple 20-minute exercises. I cannot resist chocolate, so the best way to satisfy the sweet craving for me is including a lot of chocolate flavoured protein bars.”

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