Saqib Khan quits present enterprise

Roadies Revolution-fame Saqib Khan has bid goodbye to showbiz and has chosen the religious path. Sharing the news on Instagram, Saqib wrote, “…Today’s post is regarding announcement as I am quitting the showbiz. So, I won’t be doing any modelling and acting in future.” He also clarified that it is not due to lack of work, “I had good projects in line. Bus Allah ki marzi nahi thi…” Saqib also shared that it was tough struggling in Mumbai, but he is proud that he could earn such a fan following in a year.

However, he feels it’s all for the worldly benefits as he has not gained anything for life post-death. He wrote “In nutshell, I was going astray (gumrah) and was going against the tenets of Islam. I used to offer namaz but something was lacking and that was sukoon. So, now I am totally surrendering before Allah…” 

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