Sanjay Mishra is about to encourage within the movie Andaman

Sanjay Mishra is set to play an inspirational role in the film Andaman, directed by debutant director Smita Singh. The film is a social drama around a quarantine centre made in an unprivileged village. It deals with harsh realities of society with great sense of humour.

It unfolds the difficulties encountered by the villagers in the quarantine centre and is rooted in the daily life challenges of common people in rural areas.

Sanjay says, “No film or filmmaker is big or small. A film creates large impact only after its making. I’m sure this film will create that spark. I’m doing this film to support a new talent and have seen the hard work put by the director and the entire team, hence said yes to the project. I really want new talent to grow because they come with fresh ideas and concepts.”

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