Sambhavna shares a brand new video, blames hospital for ‘medically murdering her father’

Sambhavna Seth lost her father SK Seth to Covid-19 earlier this month. The actress had shared a heartfelt note that time on her social media handle which read, “My father could have been saved. It was not just Covid-19 which killed him.” Now, on May 22, Sambhavna took to Instagram and posted a new video that she had shot in Delhi hospital where her father was admitted. In the video the actress can be seen blaming the hospital for ‘medically murdering her father’.

Sambhavna Seth’s Instagram post

The video shows Sambhavna continuously asking the name of the nurse who said her father’s oxygen level at 55 was normal. According to her, the nurse also misbehaved with her and asked to book a ward boy for her father as she had other patients to attend. As per her post, within two hours of recording this video, her father had passed away. The actress will now reportedly take legal action against the hospital.

“My lawyers are in the process of initiating the legal battle by sending the Jaipur Golden Hospital a legal notice,” Sambhavna concluded in her post.

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