Saee Barve on a roller-coaster journey!

Saee Barve aka Parul Rawal of Aap ki Nazron Ne Samjha says that people love to see drama on screen. Says Saee, “The beauty of doing a daily soap is that the plot keeps changing and you are expected to do different things on a daily basis. So, it never ceases to surprise you. Sometimes you enact the emotional side of your character, sometimes funny, sometimes the negative side comes to the fore… It’s fun to be on a roller-coaster ride.”

Saee feels it is easier for the audience to get familiar with an actor working on TV, she adds, “TV has a bigger impact, especially on housewives, and those staying in the interior parts of the country. Internationally, Hindi TV is being watched like crazy. People say that after OTT, the craze for TV has decreased, but I don’t think so. I have an example in my own house. My mom is a big fan of Hindi and Marathi serials. She watches quite a few of them, including my show. She doesn’t miss a single episode and not only that, she later calls my maasi to discuss the story, performance etc. What is important is to keep doing good work.”

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