Ruling the online house

The modern-day women are strong, demanding and determined. There are several power-packed female characters that are being portrayed on the screen of late. On International Women’s Day, let’s take a look at some of these strong female characters

Glitz and glam
Masaba Gupta in Masaba Masaba

Masaba Masaba revolves around the life of fashion designer Masaba Gupta and her actress mom, Neena Gupta. Masaba is shown dealing with challenging celebrity clients, and running a high-end fashion label. The show inspires one on how to deal with the challenges and keep shining amidst all adversity to break the glass ceiling.

Decoding conspiracy
Monica Mehra in Code M

TV actress Jennifer Winget, played the role of Monica Mehra, an Indian Army lawyer in Code M. In the centre of a conspiracy plot in a military encounter, one would certainly expect Monica to come up short. But she answers every challenge and each critique in some style to come out on top in the end.

Fierce and fearless
Bhumika Pardeshi in She

Created by Imtiaz Ali, She features an undercover assignment to expose a drug ring becomes a timid Mumbai constable’s road to empowerment as she realises her dormant sexuality’s potential. Aaditi Pohankar plays the role of Bhumika Pardeshi who goes undercover to bust an underworld gang. Her role is an inspiration to all girls out there to be fearless and face your challenges with confidence.

Political ploy
Anuradha Kishore from Tandav

Dimple Kapadia’s role as Anuradha Kishore in Tandav is the answer to those who say that politics is a man’s game. With the amount of ease, elegance and stature Dimple got herself into the character of a Prime Minister, is awe-inspiring! Be it the scenes where she is taking jabs at Saif Ali Khan or the ones in which she is vulnerable, Dimple caught attention in Tandav.

Crime comes calling
Vartika Chaturvedi from Delhi Crime

It is not every day that a series gains Emmy recognition. This original is absolutely a milestone. However; the highlight of the show was Shefali Shah’s impeccable portrayal of Inspector Vartika. One can’t help but sit back and watch the sheer command, screen presence and how her eyes and body language manage to express so much without saying a lot.

The perfect wife
Aarya Sareen from Aarya
The former Miss Universe and Bollywood Diva Sushmita Sen made her digital debut as Aarya Sareen in web series Aarya and gave her fans yet another performance that cannot be missed. The actress owned every scene in the series and dealt with every emotion, be it disappointment, betrayal, love, anger and frustration, with utmost perfection.

In a man’s world
Beena Tripathi from Mirzapur 2

Even though the thrilling season finale of Mirzapur 2 started with a furious Maqbool entering the Tripathi’s mansion to avenge the death of his mother and nephew, what no one surely saw coming was the end of ‘Bauji’ by Beena Tripathi (played by Rasika Duggal). Feelings of anger, frustration, agitation, rage were perfectly portrayed by Rasika as she butchered her sexual predator.

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