Rohit Choudhary talks concerning the suicide fee within the leisure business

Actor-producer Rohit Choudhary feels that the failure rate in the entertainment industry is higher than any other industry and this leads to many actors going into depression or suffering from anxiety. He says, “Depression and anxiety can be in any field because it comes from failure. However, it is more common in the entertainment industry because the failure and rejection rate is high here. This industry is all about being seen, jo dikhta hai, vo bikta hai, so if someone is not seen quite often, the public quickly forgets them.”

“People get famous overnight here, and the same goes for failure. So, the once-famous actor obviously won’t be able to take the failure and goes through a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression. I strongly feel people should learn from their failures and work hard on their passion and their craft, instead of letting themselves go through depression,” he added. Rohit was deeply saddened to hear the news of so many suicide cases in the industry, starting from Sushant Singh Rajput to Sandeep Nahar. Though he stressed that the lack of opportunities can be disappointing, he feels one should never lose hope.

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