Robust As Nails, the fact sequence, celebrates America’s hardest champions

Here’s a show that brings some unbeatable, undeterred and unstoppable men and women for a competition called Tough As Nails. Premiering today on Zee Café, the show features everyday Americans competing with one another in epic challenges. A test of strength, agility, endurance and mental toughness, the show is a proof that ‘tough’ comes in all shapes and sizes.

Join Phil Keoghan (The Amazing Race) is in a nationwide hunt to find America’s toughest champions. The power-packed show features contestants from all walks of life, including a welder, firefighter, farmer, marine corps veteran and more. These 12 contenders are tested for their strength, endurance, life skills and, most importantly, mental toughness. Only the toughest of the squad gets the glory and is crowned as the Tough As Nails champion with a $200,000 cash prize!

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