Rishina Kandhari turns into a Covid warrior

Actress Rishina Kandhari has joined hands with Punyakarma Foundation to help the families fighting Covid-19. Rishina,who is known for her work in TV shows such as Diya Aur Bati, Uttaran, Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai and more, recently took to social media and shared how to ‘virtually’ be there for the people struggling with the virus. And now, the actress has reached out to multiple shelters and distributed medicines that people were struggling to buy.

Rishina says, “With the increase in the demand of heavily priced medicines and oxygen cylinders around us, we understood how we can help and hence donated antibiotics and sanitisation kits, which would help the families. The virus has now reached the rural areas of Maharashtra and we are here to help the ones incapable of helping themselves. Our agenda is to reach out to the doctors, who are in touch with the families of the infected people, so that they give the right medicines within the first seven days of the virus being detected. This will help control the situation and oxygen cylinders would hopefully not be required.”

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