Right here’s what Shruti Vyas learnt from the pandemic

Zee Theatre’s latest offering Some Times stars Shruti Vyas in a key role. She says, “The new normal has definitely blessed us with a lot of new learnings. It has distilled our routine and priorities to the absolute essentials, and slowed us down so that we can appreciate the smallest of things. Not to mention the uninterrupted pockets of time with loved ones.”

Professionally, yes, she agrees, the pace has slowed down but is happy that Zee Theatre is redefining the quintessential theatrical experience in an accessible format. She adds, “I have heard for years that theatre is dying. But even the pandemic has not been able to dent its reach. It is still alive, its audience is expanding via television and this has reaffirmed my belief that good content will always resonate and connect with people. Watching a good play at home is an experience like no other.”

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