Right here’s what Alpana Buch likes concerning the present Anupamaa…

Rajan Shahi’s latest show Anupamaa is making headlines for all the right reasons. While the lead actors are winning hearts, the two ladies, Madhavi Gogate and Alpana Buch, are also stealing the limelight. Alpana Buch, who plays Baa in the show, says, “The emotions that I portray with this character come from within and thanks to the writers, it is not very difficult to essay the character of Baa. Anupamaa has added to my popularity and I am happy people are recognising me as Baa.”

On the other hand, Madhavi Gogate, who plays Kantaa Ben, says, “I liked the character and I took it up because it looked like a strong story to me. I did not think a lot about the success of the show, but said yes just thinking about the character. For people seeing it from outside, she might come across as a negative character. But when seen from the other side she is also right. As a person, she has the right to choose whom she loves. Though Kavya is being shown as the other woman, her portrayal is strong as well as right in a certain way.”

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