Relationship skilled Shahzeen Shivdasani says the pandemic has made us worth life and folks extra

The pandemic has changed our lives forever. How we live, work and relate to others has undergone a sea change. While some relationships have drifted apart, others have become stronger than ever. “One thing that the pandemic has made us realise is who is really important in life and who is not, and that people are willing to nurture the bonds that matter,” says relationship expert and author of Love, Lust and Lemons Shahzeen Shivdasani.

What started as dating advice on a closed friends’ group on Facebook, led to a relationship column. Love, Lust and Lemons is a collection of her articles divided into 53 chapters, which addresses questions like ‘why isn’t s/he texting back’ or ‘if the relationship has run its course’. Navigating the dating world has become even more challenging with the lockdown – couples are either stuck in the confined space or in a long-distance relationship. “Value of communication has increased manifold as the pandemic has made us all anxious, worried for the health of our loved ones,” says Shivdasani.

“No longer do we take our loved ones for granted. The pandemic has made us value life and people more,” she stresses. For ensuring happy, healthy bonds as we battle the second lockdown, she says:

n Keep in mind that you are not alone in this, you have got your significant other; be grateful for that.

n When going through a mood swing, if you feel the need for space, ask for it. Whether you want your four hours to binge-watch a show that makes you feel better or the liberty to call back when in a long-distance relationship, say it. Whatever be your living conditions, communicate.

n Mark who are the people in your life that matter, those who have been there through the pandemic. In cities, we tend to socialise a lot, times like these make you see who are truly with you; nurture those specific relationships.

n Don’t be afraid to ask for space. Open up on your struggle. Not just you but the other person also has his or her share of challenges; this release would bring positivity.Support each other through it all. — TNS

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