Reem and Pratibha give us main BFFs objectives!

The team members of Zee TV’s shows Tujhse Hai Raabta and Qurbaan Hua have always cheered for each other, but little did anyone know that the leading ladies of both these shows would become besties one day. Reem Shaikh and Pratibha Ranta started bonding from the time they met each other at Qurbaan Hua’s launch party last year.

Reem and Pratibha have been often spotted hanging out together. Reem says, “While we have known each other since long, it was only recently that we started shooting close to each other’s sets and by spending more time with each other, we got really close. I must say that Pratibha and I are really similar as individuals, we have similar thoughts as well as the same taste in a lot of things, be it music, dance or anything else. We talk a lot about going on trips together and our first destination will be Shimla as it’s Pratibha’s native place. In fact, we were also sharing a villa together and it was as if we were Monica and Rachel sharing an apartment in FRIENDS. I must say it has been amazing knowing someone like Pratibha.”

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