Reel-life Shiva-Parvati, Tarun Khanna and Smriti Mohan Khanna complement one another in all features of life


Reel-life Shiva-Parvati-Tarun Khanna and Smriti Mohan Khanna — are a real-life couple too. Their love story has a Punjab connection. As Tarun gets back to playing Lord Shiva on Devi Adi Parashakti, a role he has enacted eight times in different projects, he opens up on love and life along with his better-half, who, according to him, is 16 kala sampuran…

How did you meet?

Tarun Khanna: I did a Punjabi film titled Mar Jawan Gur Kha Ke for which we shot at Patiala. Post the wrap up, my co-star Gunjan Walia and I decided to catch up and she brought along a friend, who was to be my friend and partner for life.

Smriti Mohan: I went to watch Kurbaan with a common friend, and there he was.

What was it about him/her that you fell for?

Tarun: She is attractive, fun loving and no hang-ups. I instantly fell for her.

Smriti: It was his simplicity that bowled me over. We got along from the word go.

Did marriage change the equation?

Tarun: I have been out most of the time because of my shoots. Now that we have a six-year-old son, Smriti has to stay put in Mumbai and does not accompany me for shoots that often.

Smriti: He is the same person I met 10 years back.

What are the highs and lows of being married to an actor, sharing the same profession?

Tarun: She understands professional commitments — why at times I come home at four in the morning. Also, being an actor one has to do scenes that someone from outside the industry may find odd. On the downside, she is the only one who can command this Shiva to put his plate back in the kitchen (laughs). Slight argument and she goes, “Character se bahar aa ja”. It’s like ghar ki murgi daal barabar!

Smriti: He stays away for too long. On a happy note, we love that he is so popular.

What do you love to do together?

Tarun: We go out, watch movies together. We dine out too.

Smriti: We love watching films, dining out and playing with our son.

Something about him/her that you do not like?

Tarun: Marna hai kya? Those who can say that out loud either are not afraid of their wives or do not want to the marriage to last. I would rather stay married and safe, so I would say she is 16 kala sampuran.

Smriti Mohan: I don’t like when he gets hyper.

How did the lockdown work for you?

Tarun: It seemed rather odd to begin with for we had never stayed for that long together. I had been working continuously for years and it worked for me to catch up on sleep, watch shows and spend time with her and our son.

Smriti: The lockdown gave us an opportunity to stay together like a normal family, I loved it.

What do you value the most in him/her?

Tarun: No life without wife. She is a perfect wife and mother.

Smriti: He is a genuine and a caring husband and father.

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