Rashmi on turning into a Trigger Ambassador…

Actress Rashmi Agdekar, who is a Covid survivor, has now become a Cause Ambassador for the campaign, Find a Bed. Sharing details, the actress says, “In these tough times, many volunteers, NGOs, students, entrepreneurs etc are doing a lot of groundwork and helping people in need. If all these people are doing the actual hard work, the least I can do is amplify it. As a responsible citizen, it is my duty to spread awareness as much as I can in my capacity during this second wave.”

She adds, “Being a Covid survivor myself, I know it takes a toll mentally and physically. Anyone in need of beds in their area or nearby can use this website www.findabed.in to search. This will hopefully reduce the stress of running from one hospital to another in an emergency.”

The campaign is initiated by ‘iimunofficial’ which goes by the slogan ‘by the youth for the country’.  

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