Rashmi Agdekar performs a singer in a brief movie, Love Beats

Rashmi Agdekar’s latest project is a short film titled Love Beats. She plays the role of Kavya, a classical singer, who is very particular about her riyaaz whereas Tushar Sharma plays the role of Agastya, who is fond of playing the guitar.

Love Beats depicts how music can form a bond between two neighbours who dislike each other for several reasons.

The actress says, “Music immediately shifts my mood and a day without music is a dull day. I relate to classical music a lot because of my training in classical dance I was introduced to some of the most amazing music. I like to sing when I’m on my own. Even though we have changed houses and moved on with life most of our neighbourhood bonding has happened over food and I happen to stay in touch with most of my neighbours and cherish those memories.”

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