Raghav Tiwari impressed by Joaquin Phoenix

During the ongoing divorce drama in Hamariwali Good News, actor Raghav Tiwari had to shoot for several dramatic and emotionally draining sequences. The actor says he took inspiration from Joker’s Joaquin Phoenix to unwind and stay sane. Says Raghav, “These sequences were one of the most challenging ones for me. To showcase all these emotions properly, I had to resort to method-acting and I imagined myself in these scenarios, immersed myself in them completely and then my natural reactions came out. Obviously, it did affect me, especially after having to cry and burst out from one scene to another. There was no stopping point and it did impact my personality a bit.”

However, it looks like Hollywood star Joaquin Phoenix’s piece of advice really helped him out. Raghav adds, “I always had Joaquin Phoenix’s advice in my mind. He had once said that while we should get into the skin of the character to showcase the exact raw emotions, we should also remember how to cut-off from it and accept reality.”

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