Raghav Rishi talks about his Pollywood profession and his well-known father Mukesh Rishi

Raghav Rishi, the son of Bollywood actor and debutant producer Mukesh Rishi, is all set to debut in Pollywood with director Mandeep Chaahal’s Nidarr. He gets candid with us and shares why he chose to be a part of Punjabi film industry…

After a successful career of your father in Bollywood and South Indian films, what drew you towards Pollywood?

I respect each and every industry. It never came to my mind that I should work in a particular industry. All I want is to do good work.

What is your plan now that the film’s shooting will restart?

The plan is to complete the movie and release it for everyone to enjoy it.

Your father Mukesh Rishi is an established actor in Hindi, South Indian and Punjabi film industry. How is your bonding with him?

As a matter of fact, I have done all my rehearsals with him. That has made me confident.

How do you visualise your future?

Everybody needs to work hard to make a name. The industry has enough space to fit in each and everyone. I am grateful that my father is from this industry, so I hope and pray that I eventually do better than him. That is what he wants as well.

What do you expect from stardom?

My father has given me a normal life. So, it will be a new experience for me.

What do you think will work better—being honest or being right?

Being honest with your work and being right about your choices.

How is your co-star Kulnoor Brar? How is your bonding with her off- screen?

It has been great to work with her since she’s committed and hard working. From scene rehearsals to dance practice, we have been doing well together. Off screen, we share a friendly bond.

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