Raghav Juyal on Uttarakhand disaster

Actor-dancer Raghav Juyal had recently shared a video about the worsened Covid situation in Uttarakhand on social media.

Raghav and his team have now stepped in to help people in the crisis situation. Since the past two days Raghav and his team and the Uttarakhand state bodies have started working together and have been able to manage funds for medical needs. The next step was to strengthen the primary health centres in remote areas that do not have clinics or doctors.

Typically, in the mountains, affected people go to primary health centres for medical help, since the nearest town may be hours away by road. So Raghav with his team is now working to help as many PHCs as they can. They also aim to empower and equip some NGOs or volunteers with as much required aid as possible.

Raghav has now built a team of more than 100 volunteers who are connected from across the country. Raghav says, “We need more support, we need more aid…”

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