Punjabi director Manpreet Brar says a movie ought to convey an excellent message

Director Manpreet Brar’s film 15 Lakh Kado Aauga got a good response from the viewers. He talks about his upcoming projects and more.

How has your journey as a director been till now?

A director’s journey is not simple; it involves a lot of responsibility. With the film 15 Lakh Kadon Aaugaa, my motive was clear — entertainment with a good message. My next film Dastan-e-Sarhind also has a good message.

Do your producers give you creative freedom?

Yes. It is their faith in me that I respect the most.

What is your driving force?

I believe in myself.

How do you choose your actors?

It depends on the storyline of the movie.

As a filmmaker, what are your three top mantras for making a hit film?

Whatever you want to achieve, work hard with honesty and focus on your goal. Failure is not the end; with your determination you can make a new beginning. And the third is never stop learning new things.

How has the response of viewers for your films been?

I am happy that I have got a great response till now.

Do you think OTT is the future?

Yes. During Covid-19 the change came about and I think it will last.

Why are Punjabis popular the world over?

We are generous and down-to-earth.

What are your favourite Punjabi dishes?

Sarson ka saag and makki ki roti.

Which is the best place to eat Punjabi food in Punjab?


Any Punjabi film close to your heart and why?

Ikko Mikke… I love the story line and the beautiful message the movie conveys.

Three prominent holy places in Punjab you like the most?

Harmandir Sahib, Husaini Wala and Sirhind.

How are you keeping yourself fit these days?

I am doing yoga regularly.

— Dharam Pal

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