Punch it like Sonu

Sonu Sood has joined a special initiative that will teach self-defence to children. The actor will be taking children on a virtual tour around the globe to familiarise them with five different forms of martial arts which are – KravMaga (Israel), Judo (Japan), Jujitsu (Brazil), Kalaripayattu (India) and Taekwondo (Korea).

Through the course of the five-part video series, Sonu will encourage kids to resolve conflicts – first through a friendly conversation. However, in a situation where all means of resolving a conflict seem impossible then the second best thing to do is to stay alert and defend oneself.

Sonu says, “Being a fitness enthusiast and martial arts aficionado not only equipped me to be physically strong but also instilled discipline and increased my self-confidence. I am glad that by being a part of Krunch Khao, Punch Dikhao campaign, I now have the opportunity to inculcate these lifelong values in young minds and nudge them to learn martial arts and about self-defence techniques.”

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