Pranitaa Pandit talks about motherhood

Actress Pranitaa Pandit, who recently became a mom, says everything naturally falls into place with motherhood. Says Pranitaa, “Motherhood is a feeling of pure love. I don’t think anyone can feel that sort of love without being a mom. You have to be a mom to know what selfless love means. It has changed me and my perspective towards life. The first month, I was miserable; I was going through a lot, as postpartum depression was happening.”

She adds, “My body had not recovered, I had gained weight. I was constantly feeding since I chose to exclusively breastfeed my daughter; it was extremely difficult, especially with the feeding bit. I was just going bonkers because we are bombarded with so much information these days because of social media. Everyone has advice to give you. You are constantly chasing things but I kept telling myself I was the best mom, come what may and whatever I decided to do, it is the best way to do it.”

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