Prakriti Nautiyal talks about her position in Barrister Babu & extra

Tell us something about your character…

My character’s name is Ramaiya. I am playing a very emotionally driven, empathetic and positive role. My look majorly is based on softer shades of pink, white and yellow.

How is it different from the characters you have done before?

It is drastically different from my past roles, as I have never had a chance to play a character who works in a brothel.

How is your role differing from that of your sister?

My sister Pragya is playing Suraiya. Our characters are totally opposite. Ramaiya is loving and protective, whereas Suraiya plays a bold and negative role.

Do you connect with your role in real life?

Yes, it has been very easy for me to connect to Ramaiya’s character, as I feel her positivity!

What kind of feedback are you getting so far?

I am getting a lot of positive feedback.

What are your thoughts on the kind of storylines that have been created for you earlier?

All the characters that I have played so far have somehow connected with me in personal life or as who I am as a person. Though, of course, I would love to explore other out-of-the-box roles in the future.

Twins share a strong bond, but how does it affect your professional lives?

Our strong bond makes it easier to work together at a professional level.

Do you think character-wise, twins are not considered as two individuals in the TV industry?

Yes, I do feel female twins are usually shown as two individuals with identical nature!

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