Piew Jana has been lacking from display since fairly a while. In a candid chat, the actress talks about why she took a break

Why were you on a break from TV?

I have been on a break since 2019 when I left Krishna Chali London. Then Covid happened. We recovered from Covid-19 and so I’m relaxing at my Gujarat farmhouse.

What are on your wish-list for this year?

I challenge myself to be a versatile actor, who can portray any character with ease and perfection. So, I am open to do any kind of role, be it positive or negative, which is backed by a good script, reasonable screen time and powerful dialogues.

What have you learnt from your career journey so far?

It is paramount that one stays grounded. I have been fortunate enough to share screen space with the legend of the silver screen, late Rita Bhaduri, who guided me to polish my acting skills. One needs to maintain a good rapport with his/her contemporaries both on and off the sets.

What would be your dream role?

I want to do a vamp character.

What do you have to say about the content in the industry?

The viewer in today’s world has become open to contents, which were considered a taboo a few years ago. This has opened new windows for the creative people. The content in the industry of late has been informative, refreshing and appealing to viewers of all age groups.

While a lot of shows went off air during the lockdown, a few that went on-air post the lockdown have also been pulled down. Why?

Gone are the days when the ardent viewers of daily soaps would be glued to their TV sets. In this modern world of digitalisation, more and more viewers are opting to watch other content on OTT platforms rather than viewing serials on television. This has made the TRPs of daily soaps fall to alarming levels.

Social media has revolutionized life and lifestyle, especially of actors. What are your views?

I think in these modern times, the interaction between the celebrities and their fans has increased tenfold, thanks to social media. Technology has evolved so much in recent times that through chatting, live interaction and interviews of celebrities, the fans get to know more about their favourite celebrities.

Which celebrities do you follow regularly on social media?

I follow people who match my mind-set, who are blessed with dignity, humility and are down-to-earth in nature.

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