OTT has elevated market share of TV, says actor Avinash Mukherjee

While many from the television fraternity might be scared of the web luring people away from the small screen, actor Avinash Mukherjee is not one of them. The actor says that both the platforms have a very different audience. “India has a huge population and television is for an audience that has been there since the last 20 years. OTT has not taken over the market share of television. It has increased it. It has created a new market of its own,” says Avinash.

Avinash adds, “Balika Vadhu in 2015- 2016 was running in 27 countries simultaneously in many dubbed languages. Right now, no show on OTT has received such a huge response. I am not saying that OTT will not receive that, all I am just trying to say is markets are different.”

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