On ‘World Psychological Health Day’, celebs discuss whether or not stardom results in stress

Stay positive

Sophie Choudry

I think Indians speak a lot more about mental health issues now, especially after the pandemic. I feel stress in showbiz is more visible as compared to other fields. The events of the past few months have shown that if something happens in showbiz, there’s a lot more focus on it because people are interested in glamour world. I am someone who tries to stay positive all the time. I love spending time with my mom and my puppy, Tia. I have also started playing the keyboard, so music helps me relieve stress.

Balance it out

Vivian Dsena

It’s not easy to share what’s going on in your mind with anyone. Sometimes you fear being judged, and sometimes you just don’t feel like sharing it. I listen to good music, dance songs and peppy numbers when I feel sad. It just changes my mind. Yes, stardom definitely leads to more stress if you get carried away with success and fame. That’s an unsaid part of the job. And I think post SSR’s death people have become more conscious and careful.

Meditation route

Vijayendra Kumeria

Everyone handles stress differently; some meditate, some work-out, some talk to people while some just keep things to themselves and that’s very dangerous. I meditate every day and keep myself busy with creative activities like reading as well as writing. Entertainment industry has become a talking point now. A right balance between personal and professional life is important.

Family support

Urvashi Upadhyay Sharle

Whether you are mentally healthy or unhealthy cannot be recognised easily. We don’t realise when we get into depression. If we don’t take care of mental health, then later it becomes difficult to come out from that. Sometimes, when I feel low, I listen to ghazals, eat something sweet or keep quiet for some days and try to keep myself busy. Sushant Singh Rajput case has been an eye-opener for all. I feel family support is also very important.

Seek help

Sharad Malhotra

People don’t take mental health seriously. How many of us really try to share when we have something going on in our minds? In the country that we live in, people judge others constantly. I think if there is something disturbing you, you must seek help. Talk to a counsellor. Surround yourself with good, positive people; meditate. All this will definitely help you, but don’t let it bottle up and wait for an outburst. SSR’s death was very tragic and most of us are still not over it. We should take it as an example so that tomorrow, no one else goes through it.

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