On World Human Rights Day, celebs share their ideas


In addition to the pandemic, 2020 witnessed mass movements and campaigns with people standing up for each other. Various voices have been raised for upholding human rights. On World Human Rights Day today, celebs and social activists share their opinion on this year’s theme — Recover Better: Stand Up for Human Rights — and what they wish to add to the narrative.

Speak to children: Ayushmann Khurrana, actor

“Violence can and should be prevented. As parents, teachers, members of the community and duty-bearers we all have a role to play. We need to reach out to children, to help them understand that they can speak out about violence they face to their parents or call the helpline – ChildLine 1098. We have to help children understand how they can protect themselves.We also need to reach out to parents, friends and communities as we know that violence happens at home, in school, in playgrounds and even by people children trust. My efforts as a UNICEF celebrity advocate will be to reach out to the maximum number of people and work towards ending violence against children. I am committed to using my voice, my social media platforms, my talent and my celebrity status to focus on the need to #ENDviolence against children.”

Born equal: Harbhajan Mann, singer

Every human is born equal, and one of the greatest tests of a person’s character throughout life is how they treat fellow humans. It is a personal responsibility to treat everyone with respect and dignity. One should contribute towards building a harmonious global society.

For the farmers: Moose Jattana, social activist

Social activist and Instagram influencer Moose Jattana arrived in Delhi a day ago from Melbourne, Australia, to be the part of the ongoing protest of farmers in Delhi. She says, “We have seen hunger, but what is hard to see during a pandemic is violation of human rights. The least we can do during this trying time is to stand for our people and back them up.”

Social media is the key: Harish Verma, actor

“One doesn’t have to go very far when a movement is going on in India and originated from our region, Punjab. I regret that I am not in India to stand with those farmers in Delhi. But I am trying to contribute through social media and sharing all the important information through posts. Despite criticism from negative people, just keep on doing your bit for humanity and stand for equality.”

Youngsters ain’t fools : Kanwalpreet Singh, actor

“I believe that today in the age of technology, youngsters are able to segregate truth from all that’s available in terms of misinformation and fake news. And if they will initiate a dialogue with the adults, it would not only make them aware but also help them shed prejudices.”

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