On the International Day of Households, celebs discuss how necessary a household is

Secure feeling
Aly Goni

I have grown up with a lot of family members in Jammu, so I never ever thought of growing up in a nuclear family. The inter-personal equations in joint family makes you feel very secure. Nuclear family is a different concept all together. The coming generations may not know the concept of joint families, especially in metro cities. We all need good people around us and all generations must understand that.

Amit Sarin

Great strength
Amit Sarin

I might be settled abroad, but at heart I am still a desi. My childhood years saw a lot of family members around. It strengthened me as a person. I teach my children the importance of living together as a family. I am in constant touch with my parents and relatives who live in India. Nuclear families are a reality too, but, still, at many places joint families exist and will always exist.

Learning curve
Saahil Uppal

The first influence in child’s life is of his family. I had an amazing childhood because of my precious family. Although I come from a nuclear family myself, my parents made sure that we stayed connected with our extended families. All the values and morals I practise today is because I have grown up witnessing the same in my family and extended family.

Sneh Binny

It’s a choice
Sneh Binny

Family is definitely important; it teaches norms and ethics to a child at a young age. In nuclear families it is difficult, as both the parents are not available to take care of the child at the time. Whereas when it’s a larger family, the child gets nurtured by other members if the parents are busy working hard. Nuclear family is not wrong, it’s a choice!

Sounding board
Sidharrth Sipani

In my opinion, it is incredibly important to grow with a family around oneself. From what I have learnt, a family is a bedrock, a sounding board and a love nest of acceptance, which helps you prepare for life. Family values are very important.

 Rahul Bhatia

Love & care
Rahul Bhatia

I have grown up in a big joint family of 26 people and have learnt a lot from all of them. The love, care, empathy and understanding cannot be compared. I don’t think any child from a nuclear family can learn this with such ease. Moreover, being in a joint family, you can learn family traditions in a better way. I just love my family!

Pillars of strength
Avinash Mukherjee

Life is all about loving your family. My parents have been my pillars of strength. Parents love children unconditionally. A family provides love, security and values. During this pandemic we have understood the value of families even more. For the coming generations, it may be very different as technology has changed a lot of things. Respect and love should be the basis of every family.

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