On Mom’s day, celebs share their fondest recollections and the way a lot they need to thank their mothers

Gurnaaz Kaur

Mommies are our first love, our heartbeat, our role models, problem-solvers, guiding light and so much more. One day isn’t enough to celebrate the beautiful foundation that mothers are. Since there is a dedicated day, there are endless ways to cherish them, love them and express gratitude for the superheroes that they are!

Kunal Bhan with his mum

Being a father has made singer-music composer B Praak understand his mother even better than before. He says the first thought that comes to mind when he thinks of his mom is, “Selfless love.” And his fondest childhood memory with her is, “She would make amazing desserts and scrumptious food, and sneak a few treats for me even though she would say no to them at first.”

Being positive

Sonnalli Sehgall, who was last seen in Jai Mummy Di, says she learnt the art of being grateful from her mother. “She has taught me how to look at the brighter, positive picture and celebrate the little joys of life.” Arko Pravo Mukherjee’s life principles are a gift from his mother’s teachings. The singer-songwriter-composer says, “I got my writing gene from my mother. She always taught me that the character of a man is not judged by his success, wealth or power, but by his kindness and compassion.”

Wanting to be born as her child in each birth, Ranjha Vikram learnt to respect his elders at a young age, all thanks to his mom. Notwithstanding that his father didn’t want him to join the entertainment industry, he says, “My mother knew how keen I was and she supported me.”

Mugdha Godse with her mother

Being independent is a trait she has acquired from her mother, says Lizaa Malik. “How she would punish me for forgetting my steps when I was competing for Boogie Woogie! She was always so focused.”

As for Mugdha Godse, she recalls, “Mom and I used to travel on her two-wheeler after my school. It was a lot of fun. During Diwali, she taught us how to do Lakshmi puja wearing all her beautiful jewellery, so this time I am gifting her a nice piece of gold jewellery.”

Namit Das with his mother

Learning for life

Taking mothers for granted is something we all do, but Namit Das thinks, “I’m really happy that there is a day like Mother’s Day to remind us that we shouldn’t take them for granted and we should keep saying thank you to them for being the kind, loving souls that they are.” Alankrita Sahai says her mom is the epitome of strength and kindness. “Patience, perseverance and endless gratitude is what I’ve learnt from her.”

Following his heart comes naturally to Ankur Bhatia, all thanks to his mom. “Unfortunately, God took her to heaven two years back but her teachings are an integral part of me,” he sighs.

As for Darasing Khurana, he says, “This Mother’s Day, I want to tell her that she is the most important person in my life and I would do anything to see her smile.”

Known for her role in Balika Vadhu, Avika Gor’s role model is her mom. “There were days when I didn’t believe in myself, but she did all through. She means the world to me. I am what I am only because of her. I am the luckiest girl in the world to be her daughter.”

Sanjivani-actor Kunal Bhan adds, “My mother is my coolest friend, wisdom bank and a patient listener. I gained the confidence to share everything with her when once I caused a huge accident in a store where multiple glass shelves were shattered. But my mom didn’t blame me. She first checked if I was okay and then said, ‘It’s okay. Happens’.”

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