On Karwa Chauth, celebs from the telly world go down the reminiscence lane

Our very own desi Valentine’s Day is here; no wonder, despite the pandemic markets are wearing a festive look, mehandi-walas are in demand and women are out to shop their hearts out. As couples profess their love for each other while observing the fast, celebs from the telly world share their most memorable Karwa Chauth.


Mum-in-law to the rescue

My first Karwa Chauth in 2017 was special. My husband, Sandeep, was in Bhopal and I was in Mumbai, so we celebrated Karwa Chauth over a video-call. I was exhausted after a crazy day of shoot and due to cloud cover in Mumbai, the moon was not visible. Hours passed as we waited. Finally, my mother-in-law came to the rescue. She showed me the moon over a video-call from Delhi; we performed puja and then ate — all over a video-call! I shoot on Karwa Chauth every year and this year too will be the same. Sandeep doesn’t like me keeping fasts but I still do, so he also joins me! This year, we need to be extra-cautious while meeting friends.

— Pooja Banerjee, Rhea in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya

Neelu vaghela

Every first is a special

This is my first Karwa Chauth after marriage and, as they say, every first is special. Corona or no corona, I feel Karwa Chauth will be the same. Though we were initially planning to go to Shiv’s place in Jaipur, we will not be going now due to the pandemic. According to our traditions, we have to listen to the Karwa story after sunset as part of the rituals and since my parents live in Mumbai, my mother will be telling us the story. We will connect virtually with Shiv’s family as well.

— Ruhi Chaturvedi, Sherlyn in Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya

Sangeeta with husband

Favourite festival

Karwa Chauth is one of my favourite festivals, but in 2018 it was a special affair. It was raining in Mumbai and the moon was nowhere to be seen. My sister video-called me from Delhi and there I saw the moon! I am excited and will celebrate with great enthusiasm this year too, but, yes, with social distancing. I have requested the production team for a half-day leave.

— Sangeeta Adhikary, Champa from Zee TV’s Apna Time Aayega

Rishina Kandhari

On a moon hunt

My most memorable Karwa Chauth was when we went on a moon hunt. I was famished and Vishal (my husband) could not see me in that state. We called up a couple of friends and they told us that the moon was out, but we couldn’t see it from our terrace. So, we decided to search for it! After a romantic drive, we finally found the moon. Covid-19 might change a few things, but more or less it is going be the same. Instead of going out for dinner, this time we’ll prepare special food at home.

— Rishina Kandhari, Imarti Kothari, Dangal TV’s Aye Mere Humsafar

Capamit sarin with wife Vineeshation

Fun on video call

I think the most memorable Karwa Chauth was my first. I was very young then and really excited about it. I bought sarees, jewellery and even my husband played along. I didn’t even realise how the day just passed and I didn’t feel hungry! But, I ended up cooking a lot of food, and, obviously, couldn’t finish it. Earlier, all the ladies of my family came to my house to celebrate. But due to the current situation, we will probably have some video-call sessions to feel the festive vibes.

— Neelu Vaghela, Pratibha Devi in Dangal TV’s Aye Mere Humsafar

Special gesture

This Karwa Chauth is special, as I got married to singer-entrepreneur Shael Oswal in July. Shael does not like to shop. All his life, he has never even shopped for a shirt, but since we are celebrating Karwa Chauth in Singapore, he bought a saree and ornaments for me! We will miss our family members, but safety and security comes first.

— Sameksha, actress

Truly excited

This is my first Karwa Chauth, and me and my wife are excited about it. We haven’t planned anything yet, because I have been shooting continuously. I want to wake up early, but don’t think she will let me keep the fast. I will try to make her happy and will ask my family about the rituals, as we are not aware. As far as gifts are concerned, I have something special planned for her.

Savi Thakur, actor

— Mona

Take the husband’s word

No change

What amazes me is that even after living in LA for three years now my wife, Vineesha, still celebrates Karwa Chauth in the same way as she did in India. This year, I’m thinking of joining her in fasting.

Amit Sarin, actor

Rituals in place

This is our fifth Karwa Chauth together. My wife Shubhi is very particular about the rituals. In fact, even before we got married she had kept the fast once. I always wake up with her for the sargi and will do the same this year too.

Aniruddh Dave, actor

Stabilizing factor

I have been married for many years and every year my wife keeps Karwa Chauth fast. I ensure that I am home on time that day and remain with her. She’s a stabilizing factor in my life.

Arjun Bijlani, actor

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