On International Day of Peace celebrities discuss concerning the significance of sustaining concord


OM Shanti, Peace be upon you, Shalom or As-Salaam-Alaikum… What’s frequent in these meet-and-greet phrases from totally different religions? They all stand for peace! On International Day of Peace, celebrities speak about how we will make the world a greater place to dwell in.

Aaditi Pohankar

Social eye

Recently seen within the internet collection Aashram, Aaditi Pohankar believes the hatred we imbibe in our day by day lives is unfold on social media. “Stop sending violent messages on social media. The growing cause of hate and differences has been because of half-knowledge, which is being spread around. If you’re not changing, you’re not growing. If you are not growing, you’re not being intelligent.”

Real braveness

Actor-RJ Abhilash Tapliyal says, “My father was posted in Jaipur during the Kargil War. As a kid, I only knew that there was some operation going on in Kargil. During that period, any school assembly called randomly during the day meant the announcement of the martyrdom of someone’s father. Most of my classmates could hardly be in touch with their fathers posted on the borders. Every war is fought not only in the battlefield, but is also fueled by the courage of the mothers, wives and children of the bravehearts. And it also taught me the very notion of peace.”

He believes at this time faux information has change into an untamed menace, which provides to the stress on the border and in any other case as effectively. “As individuals we should do our best to stop the spread of fake news,” he provides.

Ruhi Singh

Tolerance issues

While former Miss India and actress Ruhi Singh’s subsequent internet collection is an motion thriller titled Bang Baang, her views on violence are fairly the other in actual life.She says, “We can be more tolerant and understanding individually. We must recognise that there are differences in the way we have been brought up and must cater to that understanding. Each person’s behaviour is the result of his experiences in life and one must respect where the other person is coming from before getting into an argument.”

From the lockdown and pandemic, she believes there got here out one constructive that can contribute in the direction of world peace: “People from all age-groups were forced to live together under the same roof, which took the tolerance levels a notch higher. And at the end of the day, people rose above their differences to help those in need. This is the positivity one must focus upon.”

Inner peace

Actress Pooja Bisht, of Mushkil fame, stresses upon the concept of interior peace, “First of all, we all need to take care of our own selves. Embrace and reflect upon our inner conflicts that lead us to transfer that anger and hatred on to the world. We all need to work on our physical and mental health, only then can we help others. Also, build a strong core so that outer hatred cannot affect the way you think. Today, it is easier to get carried away with the social media rant, which destroys inner peace. Avoid such propaganda and focus on self-growth.”

In mild of this yr’s theme of ‘Shaping Peace Together’, let’s simply hold our peace and chorus from spreading hate!

Freedom to suppose

Actor Gurfateh Singh Pirzada, final seen in Guilty, says, “My only understanding of peace and harmony is individualism. Everyone has a different idea of freedom and their own ideals to follow. When people will be free to have their own opinions, peace will prevail. I guess if you do just that, much of the unrest in the country will settle down. Due to social media, everyone seems to have an opinion, which is totally okay, but that is leading to trolls, fake news and other issues. I just hope in the times to come, the human race is kind to each other and we start learning from the mistakes in the past. War doesn’t do any good, be it with weapons on the borders or with words within a society.”


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