On a musical notice: Neha Bhasin turns captain for Delhi Jammers

Headlining one of the teams in reality show Indian Pro Music League is none other than singer Neha Bhasin, along with Sajid Khan and Ankush Bhardwaj. Neha will be the captain of Delhi Jammers. Backing Neha’s team will be actress Shraddha Kapoor with father Shakti Kapoor and brother Siddhanth Kapoor. As the captain of the team, Neha says, ‘’The music league can do wonders for this art form, ensuring that there is a mix of great music and a sense of competitive spirit as well. Hence, it was an instant yes for me. I have always been a supporter of independent music and attempted to promote the same through my label. Being a part of this league is just another attempt to do the same.’’

She adds, “This is the first time that something has been happening with all kinds of talents coming together, and I am looking forward to seeing how everything rolls out. Reality shows have been around, but there has been none like this, and that is exactly what will set

everything apart.”

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