Nurture a optimistic view, says psychiatrist Simmi Waraich

How can I build resilience so that I don’t feel down every time something stressful happens?

– B S Brar, Mohali.

  • Make connections; social connections or good relationships with friends or family promote resilience and mental health.
  • Accept that change is a part of life.
  • Set small realistic goals and work towards them.
  • Praise yourself for attaining small goals, even if it is going for a short walk or cooking something etc.
  • Nurture a positive view of yourself by reminding yourself of your strong points.
  • Turn negatives into positives- change negative self-talk into positive self-talk by looking at things in a different way.
  • Take out time for things you enjoy; go for outdoor activities.

Give yourself time

I just recovered from Covid 19. I feel low and guilty because I survived and my husband died.

– Ritika Goel, Chandigarh

I am very sad to hear about your loss. People who recover can then feel survivor guilt. Be with a supportive family and try to talk about how you feel. Talking it out helps;give yourself some time. Accept that circumstances cannot be changed and we need to focus on the present. Get help if you continue to feel guilty.

(Waraich is a Chandigarh based consultant psychiatrist)

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