Not simply someday for love

Love reminder

Love and romance is a blissful feeling and we don’t need a specific day to show love, it is supposed to be done every day. Valentine’s Day is just like a reminder, to make the day even more special for your loved ones. – Ankit Siwach

Constant choice

When it comes to love, relationships and marriages, it’s the efforts you put in each day! It’s not easy but a constant choice you make. As much as it is nice to have a day to celebrate love, I feel when you love someone every day is Valentine’s Day. – Srishti Jain

The PDA pressure

Valentine’s Day is just a marketing gimmick. Love, if true, can be celebrated every day and every moment. The problem is that couples these days face pressure to showcase their love on social media on Valentine’s Day, instead of communicating with each other. – Vijayendra Kumeria

Happy feeling

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just mean to express your love for your partner, but you can express your love for anyone be it your father, mother or family. The world needs a lot of happiness and such days give us all that. – Micckie Dudaaney

Someone special

You can love more than one, but yes, that someone special is just one. And that someone special can be your spouse or your girlfriend or your partner in life. Most people spend their day with their loved ones and if you don’t have a girlfriend, then one can go out with someone you like. – Rahul Sharma

Express you must

Love is the most beautiful emotion in the world. And Valentine’s Day is all about expressing. It is a concept introduced to celebrate this feeling. Although love is forever and one cannot restrict the emotions to just one day, at the same time, it is quite okay to see this day as a reminder to express your feelings. – Adaa Khan

Not gifts, but efforts

I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. Neither have I got any gifts nor have I gifted anything to my boyfriend on that day in particular. A single day to celebrate love is not enough. No relationship is easy and needs daily efforts. You have to keep working on it and yourself, and your partner must reciprocate in the same way. – Meera Deosthale

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