Net house will do higher, says actress Rashami Desai

Tandoor is your debut on a web platform. What prompted you to take this one?

The subject is very interesting. When I got the briefing and then when I read the screenplay and the entire script was very good. I am lucky to be a part of this project.

Tell us about your role in Tandoor…

My character is a very smart, intelligent woman who has a great position in political background. She is also a housewife who doesn’t have a great married life. And she has fought for it to get one which did not go very well in her favour and how she struggles and gets into a position and situation it’s interesting to see that.

How is Nivedita Basu as a director?

She’s a fabulous writer, an amazing friend to have. She is a very good director as well. The best part about her is she allows you to play, gives you freedom, she tells her point of view clearly and she will enact and show as well. I remember there’s one romantic scene I had with another hero/actor. She enacted that and showed me the way she was explaining emotions and how actors should play with their expressions and gestures.

How has been the onscreen and offscreen bonding with co-actor Tanuj Virwani?

My bonding with Tanuj is very good both offscreen and on-screen. He’s a fabulous actor. I am lucky to have a co-actor like him. He’s very impromptu. I enjoyed working with him. Besides, he’s good at direction too. He’s a fun-loving person.

Shooting in the pandemic… How was the experience?

During the pandemic they (makers) were all taking care of the COVID-19 rules like wearing masks, using sanitizer and other measures. During the shoot we got our COVID-19 test done and it was negative. So, there was no problem at all it was going pretty well.

How do you see the web space as an artiste?

I think both an artist and the audience will have more choices to make and watch and people will not get bored as this (referring to shows) will not go on and on for years. In between you’ll see freshness and you will connect to it as well. It has more mileage; it is way much better. In the coming times I feel web series will do better because people like to watch new content.

What kind of do’s don’ts you have set for yourself as an artist since web content has a lot of vulgarity and bold scenes?

I don’t say I’ll do this or that or I won’t do that. I am very clear and much sorted in my head. Script is my first priority and the director I am working with he/she should have more clarity and then I can decide. I don’t want to limit myself. Why will anyone show vulgarity unnecessarily? Like you are just sitting and they tell you to do bold scenes it doesn’t work like that. It all depends upon the scripts that you choose.

As an audience, what kind of series do you watch on OTT space?

As an audience I like to watch thriller, it has to have suspense, murder mystery, otherwise an out and out FRIENDS kind of show. I also like watching movies.

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