Neha talks about nervousness assaults

Indian Idol contestant Anushka Banerjee had often faced social anxiety while performing on multiple platforms in the past and had to return home because of it. As she walked on stage for auditions, she was again haunted by her anxiety attacks and had to take a pause amid her performance.

Judge Neha Kakkar extended her support to Anushka by confessing that she too often faces anxiety issues. Neha said, “I also go through social anxiety attacks when I perform. When I am on stage, my heart races like anything and my hands shiver.”

Neha’s support boosted Anushka’s confidence. Anushka delivered a spectacular performance and won the hearts of the judges, but more than anything, she overcame her anxiety and proved her mettle. She expressed her emotions by saying, “My parents said that only if I made it to the top 12 they would come to Mumbai. I promised to sing my best. A big thank you to the judges for encouraging me so much!”

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