Neha Bhasin finds the proper vibe for her new track

Neha Bhasin has managed to touch several hearts with her soothing voice that hits all the right chords. The singer has been extensively working on her own label while contributing to the mainstream music. With her latest track Taara, Neha seems to have found a perfect mix. For the video of the song, Neha will take the viewers along on a beautiful ride screaming all things love.

The song has also been incorporated into the ZEE5 original film Lahore Confidential. Talking about it, Neha says, “Taara is a song which has managed to bring together a musical scape that has live tabla, duffs, ghunghroo, rabab and guitar along with lyrics that feel like love from the yesteryears. When you hear the song, you will feel a sense of peace and transcend to a world of music where one feels content. The intention behind the song is to be able to serve old wine in a new bottle vibe and is an ode to Punjabi folk music.”

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