Neel Madhav is again with new methods for the brand new season of You Received Magic with Neel Madhav on Sony BBC Earth

What is in store for the audience with the new episodes of You Got Magic?

In the show, I travel to places in and around India to explore magic with locals and also feel the magic of each place. So, we are starting off with me going back to my roots, which is to Dehradun. I thought let’s start from where I started and then move forward to the kind of magic India offers.

Tell us some of the best moments you recall while travelling for this series?

One of the memories is from Dehradun itself. In my school we have an auditorium called The Rose Gold which accommodates around 4,000 people and it was built by the students. So, in the show, I got the entire school coming into The Rose Gold and did a 2-hour performance for them there and that was very special for me.

How do the locals respond to your magic tricks?

It’s a give and take relationship. It’s not one-sided. They make me experience their culture, food, music etc. And in return I perform my magic.

How does your interest in neuro-linguistic programming and criminal psychology help you in your magic?

Neuro-linguistic programming and criminal psychology are not used to do tricks. They are used to understand people. And once you do that, then you know what kind of tricks to do with them.

Where all did you travel for the show?

After Dehradun, we went to the backwaters of Kerala and I got to experience the boat race first hand. Next was Ahmedabad, where the kite festival was on. We also went to Agra. It has a place called Sheroes, which is a restaurant run by acid attack victims.

How has the lockdown been for you?

Oh, it was amazing! I had no problems in lockdown whatsoever. I actually wrote my second book during this lockdown.

What is the next adventure that’s drawing your attention?

I am at present excited about my show going live. It’s a huge platform.

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