Navjot, who has debuted on the earth of leisure along with his tune Bar Bar, calls music rooh di khuraak


Singer Navjot wears his identity on his sleeve. His profile reads Kisan da putt, which, he says, fills him with pride. A graduate in instrumental and vocal music, this 25-year-old singer from Jalandhar has trained under various maestros.

Besides singing, he loves playing musical instruments. Having mastered western instruments like the mandolin and ukulele, Navjot also incorporates folk instruments in his music. He has been a member of the Guru Nanak Dev University’s folk orchestra, which won a National Award in 2017. His debut song Bar Bar released just after the lockdown. The song that featured Karan Aujla has garnered 8.8 million views. Soon after, he gave another single Good Vibe.

Your swag?

My positive attitude.

A Punjabi singer that you find stylish…

Diljit Dosanjh.

Latest buy?

I recently added a ukulele to my collection.

Music for you is…

Rooh di khuraak.

Street smart vs the brand game?

I am not a brand-conscious person. Not much thought is given to clothes, because I believe in… Jo paani se nahata hai vo sirf libaas badlta hai, jo paseene se nahata hai vo ithihaas badlta hai.’

A recent addition in your wardrobe?

For a performer, clothes and accessories are never enough. Going by the recent trend, I have included a pair of baggy jeans in my wardrobe.

Accessories you don’t step out without?

Sunglasses and a watch.

If not a singer, then…

I cannot think of an alternative career as all my life I have trained to be a singer.

Dream project…

I have not one but many dreams. Starting my career as a singer was a dream that has come true. Every future project will also be a dream as it should be for an artiste.

An artiste you wish to collaborate with?

There’s a long list of singers but AR Rahman and Honey sing are on the top of my mind.

A celeb you would like to date?

Dakota Johnson.

Your idea of a perfect place for date?

Paris, France.

What turns you off?

When my efforts fall short in making my work a success.

Call on comfort?

Shorts and T-shirts.

A traditional attire you like…

For a Punjabi, kurta pyjama is the obvious choice.

One word that describes you…

Khoji, someone who yearns to know or do something new.

Lockdown special

Big lockdown realisation… It has brought me closer to my real self.

House chores that you enjoyed or detested?

I have been lucky that I did not have to work even during the lockdown.

First thing you did after the lockdown?

I shot for my debut song Bar Bar.

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