Nature care: Manit Joura visits household in Punjab to rejuvenate

Manit Joura, who is being loved for his character Harsh in Prem Bandhan, makes the most of the little time he gets. In the show, we see Manit as a mentally challenged Harsh and that drains a lot of his energy. So, he decided to take some time off and get rejuvenated by meeting his family back in his hometown in Punjab.

Says Manit, “I have been too invested in work and my character Harsh is too physically and mentally draining, I decided to take a short break. Whenever I feel I need to start something fresh, I spend time in nature. And as it had been really long since I had met my family, so there was no better option than unwinding with them. And how much did I miss riding my horses! I love to spend some quality time with them. Also, once on a break I eat all the parathas with makhan, sarso ka saag and makke ki roti, gaajar ka halwa and what not. And now I am back to work, all rejuvenated and waiting for my next break.”

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